Gabu launches No Spine Video

The gifted Kenyan rapper Gabu has decided to turn up the heat in 254 with his latest music video. Gabu travelled to shoot his latest videos in Nigeria with the aim of trying something new. The video for his song No spine by Gabu however, got some Kenyan fans riled up over the fact that their videos were not shot at home in Kenya.

When the rapper was asked why he chose to do his video in Nigeria and not Kenya, he simply answered, ” Given the fact that I have always made my video in Kenya, I feel like making the same kind of videos is what is holding the Kenyan music industry behind. We already know that we need to improve on the kind of music we produce and so we were only trying to do something new.”


The rapper further elaborated that much as shooting his video for his songs in Nigeria was expensive, it was surely worth it. ” We were met with complete professionals who knew exactly what to do and when to do it.” Gabu emphasises, “In fact, when he shot the first take of the video, it was too perfect I did not have to do another take to perfect it.”




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